Miniland Baby

The most advanced and safest technology for baby care


Sistemas de vigilancia para bebés

Baby’s safety is the most important thing for you as a parent, so at Miniland Baby we design innovative baby monitors that are extremely convenient for modern parents.

Healthy atmosphere

Ambientes sanos. Purificadores de aire.

The advanced technology of the Miniland Baby air purifiers offers the healthiest environment for all the family, odour-free and free of harmful elements.


Calientabiberones para la alimentación del bebé

Parents offer their baby the healthiest food, Miniland Baby offers the variety of products for optimum preparation and conservation, all of which contributes to a healthy growth.

Baby care

Termómetro para los cuidados del bebé

Looking after your baby’s health and hygiene assures comfort and well-being during his growthMiniland Baby combines traditional with innovative products for your baby’s daily care..

Miniland Educational

A broad and varied range of toys to fill both play and learning time.

0-3 exercise games

Juguetes 0 a 3 años de Miniland Exercise games consist of simple exercises or a combination of actions without any apparent goal, repeating an action again and again for the immediately resulting satisfaction that it gives.

Symbolic games

Juegos de arena y playa para el juego simbólico Symbolic game involves the representation of one object for another.The child gives the objects all different types of meanings and they imagine events, acting out credible scenes, portrayed through fictional or real characters.

Assembly games

Panel de mosaicos gigante como juego de ensamblejes The child sets it sights on a particular goal (assembling, matching, building) and achieve them through actions and handling. They consist in matching separate elements so that they shape a different element.

Rules games

Ábaco con formas como juego de reglas This kind of play is very important so that in teenage and adult years an individual is capable of combining complex rules, purely logical reasoning, hypothesis and deductions.

New Concepts

Customized products

Soluciones personalizadas por inyección de plástico New Concepts manufactures plastic injection molding packaging and components. We provide customized products developed through a partnership process from the original idea to the final product.


3D designs, prototypes, pilot molds, production molds and manufacturing are made with the highest level of effectiveness, focus on quality, costs, production processes and requirements. Diseño y modelaje 3D High quality development, manufacturing and service to bring the best solution to our customers’ needs. Our objective is to provide high quality new solutions and innovations that add value to the final product.


Miniland Promotions

Personalized ideas

Ideas promocionales The world of promotions where technology and innovative design are combined to create new promotional solutions.

Integral project vs. Standard product

Planta de inyección de plástico de Miniland With an integral project you will be choosing the philosophy of Miniland Promotions which combines all services to develop your project, from the initial idea to the final product and packaging. With the standard product you won’t be choosing common promotions. Miniland Promotions personalizes its wide range of solutions.


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