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From baby to child, their weight constantly monitored! Scaly Up are evolving scales that let you monitor your baby’s weight accurately at all growth stages thanks to 2 interchangeable trays and their Hold and Tare features. Sign up to the eMyBaby app and manually enter all measurements to monitor your baby’s weight.


For babies and children: the perfect scale for all stages of growth

This scale is endowed with two interchangeable trays which allow weighing babies since the day they are born as well as children that can stand up by themselves.

Maximum capacity

Children of up to 50 kilos can be weighed. In addition, the weighing scale is fitted with an overweight indicator which provides a warning when those 50 kilos are exceeded.

Parents can control precisely the weight of the baby

This scale is even capable of detecting the most minor variation in the baby's weight thanks to its excellent precision, very useful for new-borns or babies with weight problems.

To follow the evolution of the baby's weight since its very first day

To make easier to check how much the baby has grown, the parents can compare the current weight with the last measurement made, saved on the memory. In addition, registering the baby’s weight manually on eMyBaby, it is possible to generate an evolution graphic.

Digital display

Its front part is fitted with a user-friendly digital display which shows clearly the value of the weight measurement as well as all the indicators.

To weigh the baby anytime

Including batteries, the weighing scale will warn the parents with a low battery indicator in the display. This way, they will be able to replace the batteries and they will have their scale ready at any time.

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