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Abacus colours and shapes 1

Introduction Session

Link geometric figures and colours

Learning Objective

Hand out the Abacolor Maxi Miniland game, select the triangular prism, circle and cube to familiarise with these geometric figures. Search for differences and likeness between the figures (colours, shape ...) (Free play and/or conversation).

Digital Game

The aim of the game is to select the correct figure, keeping in mind its colour and shape. ou would see a transparent piece on the abacus, then select a geometric figure shape and colour if right, the figure will position itself on the abacus. There are 1 figures to place on the abacus.

  • Numbers, Math & Logic
  • Visual & Spatial Perception

How to play

Print one of the two sheets and colour the figures according to the colours we want to work with. Select the proposed Abacolor pieces and place them in the Abacolor using the coloured sheet as reference. We work the basic space notions such as up, down, on the side, colour names...