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Choose the appropriate clothes

Introduction Session

Here you can download the teaching guide for this extra activity to do with the toy and print activities related to the game. You can also download the digital game and use it whenever and wherever you want.

Learning Objective

Establishing relations between people´s lives and atmospheric phenomena.

Digital Game

Choose a doll using the side arrows. Then, open the wardrobe and pick the appropriate clothes depending on the 4 situations featured in the game (shower time, bed time, sunny day, cold day). Use the arrows if you want to see more clothes.

  • Habits & Tasks
  • Exploring Nature

How to play

Talk about how we dress in accordance with the time of the day and the weather. Show the cards printed out beforehand and ask what clothes we wear in different situations: when going for a shower, when going to bed, when it´s sunny and when it´s cold. Work on the subject of diversity.


Use the cards to associate the most appropriate clothing with the different situations: night time, shower time, a sunny day, a cold day. Play with and dress the Miniland dolls in accordance with the situation displayed on the cards.