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Color fish

Introduction Session

Reproduce a 25-piece mosaic identifying colours and shapes

Learning Objective

Print out the fish sheet and observe the shapes and colours on it (squares, circles, triangles,…). Identify the different shapes and colours of the pieces to create the template fish with the help of the Miniland Superpegs game.

Digital Game

When finished, play the digital game to reinforce content. Firstly, choose the colour of the pieces with the help of the paint pot and then drag the shapes to complete the model in question. You can turn the triangular piece to change its position.

play Play
  • Construction
  • Visual & Spatial Perception

How to play

Place the fish sheet in the Miniland Superpegs game. The sheet will help you to choose the pieces to create it. Choose a piece and say aloud what shape and colour it is (“it´s a red square”), and then place it on the board.

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