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Complete your abacus

Introduction Session

Here you can download the teaching guide for this extra activity to do with the toy and print activities related to the game. You can also download the digital game and use it whenever and wherever you want.

Learning Objective

Putting in order geometric figures and colours.

Digital Game

Drag the piece that appears on the upper part of the screen to the suggested place indicated by the piece from the bottom of the abacus.

  • Numbers, Math & Logic
  • Visual & Spatial Perception

How to play

Hand out the Abacolor Maxi Miniland game to familiarise with it. Search for differences and likeness between the geometric figures. Free play and or conversation.)


Print one of the two sheets and colour the figures according to the colours we want to work with. Select the proposed pieces and place them in the abacus using the coloured sheet as reference. We work concepts such as up, down, on the side, colour names, geometric figures names...