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Connected additions

Introduction Session

Work on mathematical concepts such as number decomposition, complementary numbers, and an introduction to addition in a manipulative way.

Learning Objective

Hand out Miniland's The Rocket 10 game to familiarise pupils with its elements and the different game suggestions indicated in the game's instructions.

Digital Game

No available.

  • Numbers, Math & Logic
  • Logical Thinking & Math

How to play

Download and print the 060-A "Connected sums" activity sheet and cut it out to use it during the game. The aim of the game is to pose simple additions that always result in 10. There are many options to the game.

  1. The teacher poses differentsums:l+9 / 9+1/2+8/8+2/3+7/7+3/4+6/6+4/5+5, in a visible place (on the blackboard, for example).
  2. The pupil copies down the first number in the box in the left column and the second number in the box in the right column.
  3. Next, they have to colour in blue as many circles as are indicated by the number on the left, and in green as many circles as are indicated by the number on the right.
  4. Then they have to place on the rocket (toy) as many blue and green pins as they have coloured.
  5. Then they colour in the same blue and green circles on the rocket at the middle top of the printout.
  6. We count all the green and blue pins and we write down in the box the final result of the additions, which will always be 10.