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Creating funny faces 2

Introduction Session

Getting to know and identifying the parts of the face

Learning Objective

Hand out the Miniland Crazy Faces game and let the children play freely, creating different faces. Talk about the individual differences, explaining that not all eyes and mouths are the same, ... and that we need to respect the differences.

Digital Game

When you have finished play the digital game to reinforce the content. The game consists of reproducing the model which appears on the right of the screen. At the bottom of the screen you will find the menu for selecting the different ears, eyes, hair, mouths and noses. Select an item and if it ?s correct place it on the face and so on until it ?s complete.

  • Anatomy & Human Body
  • Body & Movement

How to play

Print out the sheets with the 4 new Crazy Faces game models. The game consists of reproducing the models featured on the sheets and identifying the parts of the face. Comment that feelings express the different faces created.