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Greater, less & equal

Introduction Session

Work in a manipulative way with matliematical concepts such as the comparison of numbers and quantities, becoming familiar with the mathematical symbols "greater than", "less than" and "equal to", the numerical quantity conservation principle, etc.

Learning Objective

Hand out Miniland's The Rocket 10 game to familiarise pupils with its elements and the different game suggestions indicated in the game's instructions.

Digital Game

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How to play

Download and print the 061-A "Greater, less, equal" activity sheet and cut it out to use it during the game (Fig.l). Also download and print the 061-B game printout containing mathematical symbols and cut it out for use during the game (Fig 2). The aim of the game is to learn the whole numbers and to compare numbers and quantities. There are many options to the game;

  1. Separate the two halves of the rocket (toy).
  2. Select the printout that includes two rockets with the "greater than" symbol drawn between them.The teacher writes a number on a visible space (on the blackboard, for example).
  3. The pupil writes that number in the box above the rocket on the left side and colours in blue as many circles as the number indicates.
  4. Place the same number of blue pins on the left half of the rocket (toy) and put the "greater than" mathematical symbol (already cut out) between the two rockets. 
  5. Now, go back to the printout: in the box above the right-hand rocket, write down a number that is smaller than the one on the left, and colour in green that amount of pins.
  6. Then, place the same amount of pins on the rocket (toy) on the right hand side
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