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I feel healthy!

Introduction Session

Here you can download the teaching guide for this extra activity to do with the toy and print activities related to the game. You can also download the digital game and use it whenever and wherever you want.

Learning Objective

Creating a healthy balanced meal.

Digital Game

First you have 3 basic pieces of advice; 1. Reduce the consumption of sugar, salt and fat. 2. Exercise 60 minutes per day. 3. Drink many liquids daily. Then  drag the food according to the group it indicates in the menu. The game ends when you have completed the menu. 

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How to play

MyPlate (https://www.choosemyplate.gov) is a reminder to find your healthy eating style and build it throughout your lifetime. Everything you eat and drink matters. The right mix can help you be healthier now and in the future. MyPlate illustrates the five food groups that are the building blocks for a healthy diet using a familiar image - a place setting for a meal. Before you eat, think about what goes on your plate, in your cup, in your bowl.