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In what part do i work?

Introduction Session

Learn and identify jobs and where people do them

Learning Objective

Pass out the Miniland toy; let players play with it freely. Talk about the different jobs that the toy includes (firefighter, police officer, etc.), what they do, what vehicles they drive and where they work.

Digital Game

When you finish, play with the digital game to reinforce contents. The game consists of taking the 6 characters to their place of work. When we click play, we begin to travel through the city, and go by different places. When passing by the place of work, click stop in order to stop. If the place where you stop the vehicle is the correct one, for instance: doctor-hospital, a green smiley face will pop up. If you're wrong, a red face will pop up, and you can try again. Change the speed by pushing the lever forward (slower) or pulling it back (faster).

  • Jobs & Professions
  • Social Engagement

How to play

Print out the illustrations and cut out the 12 cards. Talk about each card and its match (e.g., firefighter-fire). Place the cards face down and match the vehicle with the part of the city where its driver works. When you find a match, build the character with Job Blocks, and tell a brief story about him or her.