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Looking for the animal

Introduction Session

Here you can download the teaching guide for this extra activity to do with the toy and print activities related to the game. You can also download the digital game and use it whenever and wherever you want.

Learning Objective

Stimulating attention by locating and identifying animals.

Digital Game

Pick as many identical animals as shown in the number displayed below.

  • Animals, Insects & Plants
  • Exploring Nature

How to play

Hand out the Miniland animals. Ask the children the name of the animals and talk about their differences.


Fisrt of all, hand out the sheet with one animal of each species on it (printed out beforehand) to eacg child. Show an animal and the child needs to locate it. Secondly, hand out the sheet with two animals on it (printed out beforehand) and show a Miniland number, stating for example: we are looking for 1 elephant or we are looking for tigers. The children need to circle the animal in question as many times as the number states.