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Mindful kids

Learning Objective

Mindful Kids Experience offers a complete mindfulness program which promotes concentration, self-control and the resolution of conflicts in the classroom with the practice of breathing, relaxation, yoga and meditation exercises.

Introduction Session

Our Mindfulkids program practices the different methods of mindfulness: breathing, relaxation, yoga and meditation which are good for the mental and physical health of little ones. The online experience found on Play Miniland complements the physical game with digital and interactive resources to be used, guide and enhance the activities that are shown on the discs placed on the top. You may also find additional activities such as relaxing massages and mandalas to color.

Digital Game

Prepare your classroom Mindfulness sessions with the online resources found on Play Miniland such as:

  • Teaching guide and additional activity cards you may download and print at the bottom of this page with step-by-step instructions to prepare your mindfulness session
  • Step-by-step animations of the different techniques:
  • Conscious breathing
  • Muscle relaxation
  • Yoga poses
  • Meditation
  • Relaxing massages


  • Background music and ambient sounds to aid in the concentration of the exercises
  • Timer to control the timings of the sessions that you wish to use
  • As an extra you may also download mandalas to print and color in the classroom

play Play
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  • Emotional Journey

How to play

It is important that an adult guide the activities at first, using the teaching guide instructions (downloadable in this page) as a guide.  Follow these steps:

  1. Choose a technique/exercise disc to practice and place it on the top
  2. Choose the same disc on the digital board, laptop or tablet
  3. Spin the top and do the activity on which it lands.  Then choose this same activity on the digital board, laptop or tablet.
  4. Exercise the activity using the step-by-step instructions from the guide and online program.
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