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Nuts and bolts

Introduction Session

Associating geometric figures and colours

Learning Objective

Hand out the Miniland nuts and bolts game to get familiar with the pieces involved. Look for differences and similarities among the geometric figures: circles, triangles and squares (free game and/or conversation).

Digital Game

When finished, play the digital game to reinforce content. The game consists of pairing the nut and bolt of the same shape and colour. Drag the pieces into the center of the scenario. If they are correct they will screw into the machine.

  • Numbers, Math & Logic
  • Visual & Spatial Perception

How to play

Print out the sheet, choose the drawings of the piece, nut and bolt you wish to work on. Paint them the same colour. Once they have been coloured in, look for the nut and bolt in the real Miniland game and screw them together.