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Revising the letters

Introduction Session

Hand out the Miniland letters. Explain that you have to follow the marked path in order to write the letters. Look for the path marked by the Miniland letter you wish to work on and follow it with your finger.

Learning Objective

Learning the directionality of the letters.

Digital Game

When finished, play the digital game to reinforce content. The aim of the game is to trace the outline of the letters in the direction marked. Choose a letter from the menu, observe the direction to follow (in the animation) and trace it.

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How to play

The sheet (printed out beforehand) shows the steps to be followed to trace the Miniland vowels and thereby learn the direction in which the letters are written. Hand out the Miniland vowels and trace them in accordance with the steps on the sheet. This activity is ideal for developing the fine motor skills.

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