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Rocket 10

Introduction Session

Work on mathematical concepts such as number decomposition, complementary numbers, quantity and symbols in a manipulative way.

Learning Objective

Hand out Miniland's The Rocket 10 game to familiarise pupils with its elements and the different game suggestions indicated in the game's instructions. The digital game can help to both reinforce the contents learnt while playing with the toy, and to present and become familiar with the game's dynamics. This activity makes it possible to "touch" and manipulate a series of mathematical concepts.

Digital Game

The game consists of linking a quantity to its corresponding symbol and finding the complementary numbers of the number 10. A random number of blue pins will appear in different positions on the central part of the rocket, and the activity consists of counting them, associating that quantity to its number and finding the complementary number.

  • Numbers, Math & Logic
  • Logical Thinking & Math

How to play

1 Download and print the 058-A "Rocket 10" activity sheet and fold it along the dotted line.

2 On side A of the printout, colour in blue a specific number of circles on the drawing of the rocket.

3 Using only one column of holes, place on the rocket (toy) the same amount of blue pins you have coloured in the printout, and in the same position.

4 Find the quantity-symbol card (blue) that corresponds to the amount of circles that have been coloured and place it on the square with the blue question mark.

5 The remaining circles are coloured in green. The green pins are then placed on the rocket (toy) in the same position.

6 Find the quantity-symbol card (green) which corresponds to the amount of buttons that have been coloured in green and place it on the square with the green question mark.