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The hands of the clock

Introduction Session

Show the Miniland analogue clock. Explain the differences between analogue and digital clocks. Talk about the different parts of an analogue clock: the face, hands, numbers, etc.

Learning Objective

Getting to know the parts of the analogue clock: the face, numbers and hands.

Digital Game

When finished, play the digital game to reinforce content. The aim is to first place the numbers on the face of the clock and then set the different hands on the analogue clock (according to the time on the digital clock). The game ends when you have completed the 8 times displayed.

  • Time & Measurement
  • Logical Thinking & Math

How to play

Print out the game sheet and hand out one to each player. The game consists of placing the numbers on the analogue faces to reproduce 6 different times shown to the group on the Miniland clock.