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Time bingo

Introduction Session

Explain the time on the hour with the help of the Miniland clock. Show the clock and say “o´ clock” when the big hand is on the 12. In turns place the clock at different times on the hour and show it to the group while saying “it´s 2 o´ clock”.

Learning Objective

Learning to tell the time on the hour in both digital and analogue format.

Digital Game

When finished, play the digital game to reinforce content. A time on the hour appears on the analogue clock. The game consists of dragging the time in digital format to the digital clock. The aim is to place 12 times.

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  • Time & Measurement
  • Logical Thinking & Math

How to play

Print out the sheet and cut out the time cards. Hand out one card to each player. Move the clock to a certain time and look for the corresponding card. The first person to cross out all the times on the card wins the game. This game can be played telling the time in different languages.

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