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What do animals eat?

Introduction Session

Identifying and classifying animals in accordance with their food

Learning Objective

Hand out the Miniland animals. Ask the children the names of the animals and if they know what each of them eats. Explain the concepts of Herbivore, Carnivore and Omnivore by integrating the children ?s answers.

Digital Game

When you have finished, play the digital game to reinforce the content. The game consists of clicking on the corresponding icon in accordance with the type of food of each animal. Work on the names of the categories Herbivore, Carnivore and Omnivore.

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How to play

Pick up a Miniland animal in turns and say what it likes to eat. If it ?s a herbivore place it on the Herbivore sheet (sheets printed out beforehand), if it ?s a carnivore, place it on the Carnivore sheet and if it ?s an omnivore, place it on the Omnivore sheet. Explain the symbols which represent eaqch category. You can also hand out one sheet per child and give them instructions, such as for example: draw 3 Herbivores, 2 Carnivores and 1 Omnivore.

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