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What do i need?

Introduction Session

Know and identify the jobs and related objects

Learning Objective

Pass out the Miniland game and talk about the different jobs, accessories and items that are unique to each job. For example, the fireman needs a hose.

Digital Game

When you finish, play with the digital game to reinforce contents. The game consists of choosing the 6 items related to the job being shown. For example: Police officer (police dog, badge?). When you guess the chosen item right, it will disappear. If you fail, a red face will pop up and there will be an error sound, and you will have to continue trying.

  • Jobs & Professions
  • Social Engagement

How to play

Play dominoes with Miniland characters. Print and cut out the tokens and distribute them. Put together the characters related to the 6 jobs and place them in a visible spot. Paste the first token on continuous paper and relate the object to a job. Verbalize the association and point to the character. For instance, What job needs a syringe? What character needs a rocket for his or her job?...paste tokens in domino fashion. The first player with no tokens left wins.