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What group does each food?

Introduction Session

Classify the foods based on the food group they belong to

Learning Objective

Present the food classification method Choose my plate (More information at htps://www.choosemyplate. gov). Pass out the Miniland foods, name each one and say the food group it belongs to: which ones are Fruits, Vegetables, Proteins, Grains and Dairy.

Digital Game

When you finish, play with the digital game to reinforce contents. The game consists of classifying and iden?fying what group each food belongs to. First, the cook gives us 3 pieces of advice on nutrition. 1. Reduce the consumption of sugar, salt and fat. 2. Exercise 60 minutes per day. 3. Drink many liquids daily. The game consists of dragging the food to the section of the plate according to the group it belongs to. You have to classify 16 foods in total.

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How to play

Print and cut out cards. Place them on the table face down. Each child takes a card, looks at it, folds it and puts it away. Look for the Miniland food that matches the image. The child shows the Miniland food to the rest of the group. Play at identifying which group each food belongs to. The person who knows which group it belongs to puts a color-coded sticker on it (Fruits-red, Vegetables-green, Proteins-purple, Grains-orange, Dairy-blue), according to the group each food belongs to. Next, the cards are picked up and the player sees if he or she is right.