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Who works here?

Introduction Session

Value the importance and function of the jobs within the community

Learning Objective

Pass out the Miniland toy and talk about the different jobs, their places of work and the accessories it contains. Tell anecdotes about these jobs.

Digital Game

When you finish, play with the digital game to reinforce contents. A place of work appears on the screen. We have to shine a flashlight on the workers who can work here. For example: police officers and masons cooperate to direct traffic and signal hazardous landslide areas. They can be imaginary combinations that allow you to talk about how heroes cooperate with each other every day; how they become partners to perform the most incredible feats and make this society a safer and pleasant place. Important: there are no right or wrong answers.

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How to play

The cards where different scenarios or situations are illustrated are printed and cut out. Choose a scenario and insert the Miniland characters who could act in this scene. The game consists of talking and making up a story about jobs. For example, what does the police officer do at the school. And who works at our school? etc.

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