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Our Purpose

A world where educating means letting their own special light shine out

At Miniland we believe the world is a better place when educating means letting kids shine. We are here to awaken and encourage the best in you as teachers and educators – a journey on which to create moments that mean something through creativity, learning and fun. We have a plan: grow together while enjoying the journey, so all children grow and shine with their own light. 

Our end purpose: uncover a world of experiences in learning and play in future generations that innately encourages all their potential. An enriching journey into the future where learning and creativity flow with energy in a unique way.

multiplay experience

Create Your Multiplay World

Inspired by Gardner's theory of multiple intelligences, according to which intelligence in children is not a single, static quality, at Miniland we believe that empowering twenty-first-century skills with multiple play experiences will encourage the formation of communities of educators and children inspired by active collaboration, collective creativity and continual learning.

Playing in a multiple way

We want children to experiment with the world from multiple perspectives, using a learning-by-doing, hands-on approach. We see them as the story players, the tiny grand creators of stories based on multiple developmental intelligences

Types of intelligences

close intelligence_001

Body & Movement

close intelligence_002

Emotional Journey

close intelligence_003

Exploring Nature

close intelligence_004

Logical Thinking & Math

close intelligence_005

Rythm & Melodies

close intelligence_006

Social Engagement

close intelligence_007

Speaking & Listening

close intelligence_008

Visual & Spatial Perception

Educating in a multiple way

This motivates educators to work collectively to complement their strengths as a team.
It reinforces and promotes the work of educators in harmony with the theory of multiple intelligences.
They enable educators and parents to attain and surpass the different phases of educational development from multiple mental frameworks and detect each child's innate skills and intelligences.
They expose children to new concepts and skills from multiple perspectives, enabling them too to develop their comprehension from multiple angles.
Our toys, tools and resources encourage education from multiple approaches, challenging young students to learn in a balanced way, evolving beyond current educational standards.
They promote multiple learning, combining physical and digital play using our Play Miniland method.

Learn in a multiple way

We stimulate the dominant areas of intelligence in children to promote excellence, creativity and inventiveness. The Multiplay Experience helps to promote progressive learning in each of these areas and to discover those intelligences and talents that are
Our toys and tools encourage each child's intellectual, social, emotional and physical development. They have been designed to discover and develop new and existing skills and interests simultaneously, uncovering those innate intelligences that make each
They integrate play experiences based in physical and digital environments using the Play Miniland method.
They develop each child's strengths, creating a deep level of understanding that enables them to put into practice what they learn in multiple new situations, both inside and outside the classroom, individually and collectively.

The Multiplay Experience for the Digital Classroom

Play Miniland is a pedagogical method that encompasses Miniland's entire digital educational library, providing digital games, activities and educational guides for educators and primary students with the aim of encouraging learning experiences that combine physical and digital play using pedagogical models based on active play and gamification.

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