Miniland Baby

Miniland Baby - Productos para el cuidado del bebé Being parents is a wonderful experience The most advanced and safest technology for baby care together with the healthiest and most educational fun.

Miniland Educational

Miniland Educational - Juguetes Educativos Playtime is a fundamental activity during childhood A broad and varied range of toys to fill both play and learning time.


Play Miniland is a new model of learning designed for parents, teachers and children, which is based on Active Learning.

It is a new way of learning through play with real toys supported with the use of digital games. This new model is a comprehensive aid for teaching in the classroom and can also be applied when playing at home.


Miniland is committed to emotion technology developing eMyBaby, an application specifically designed for mums and dads with a twofold objective: to maintain a constant link with their children and have emotional quality of life, no matter how busy they are in their day-to-day life. Because it’s up to you to LIVE life, prioritising what is urgent or what is important, you choose: eMyBaby, is app to you! 

Miniland New Concepts

New Concepts Plastic injection molding packaging and components. High quality new solutions and innovations that add value to the final product, mainly to an area as demanding as the food industry.

About us

  Miniland Baby Childcare is the pinnacle of the market offering the most technologically advanced, healthy, and safe products for baby. In addition, Miniland Educational is a leading brand in the European market for toys and educational materials.
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